Featured: Imagination Project - St. Louis Children Photographer

I started a fun project with my own three-year old son. This little boy has a great imagination that I'd love to document while I can. What more fitting way to begin than with his favorite game of all: trains! My little man plays with trains every day, without fail. And he seems to be able to run his little engines in circles without end. Unfortunately, this momma's knees get so tired on our hardwood floor and my mind can't seem to stick with choo-choo-ing around the tracks as long as he can last. But I never tire of the exciting adventures his great mind imagines up either.

Featured: Hadley 4 Months - St. Louis Baby Photographer

This little one is such a doll! So beautiful and full of smiles! I don't think I could ever get tired of happy, little babes.


Featured: Hadley - St. Louis Newborn Photographer

This darling babe happens to be my own. Our family welcomed her into the world recently, and let me tell you... she by no means took her time! Our little Hadley almost arrived in the car! But she is beautiful, healthy, and we are so in love with her. She did great for her first photo session and I am excited to share her tiny cuteness with you.


Featured - Baby Olivia - Newborn Photographer

Oh friends, it has been much too long since updating! I promise to try to get caught up soon. For now, here is one adorable shot of beautiful Olivia. She was darling and I loved working with her. I pretty much envy any Mama that has babies with decent hair on their head. I am NOT one of those moms. I got to play with Olivia literally days before we moved to Missouri. She was a perfect farewell to Utah, though I wish I could be there to continue to capture her as she grows. She is one beautiful babe!


Kingston Family - Family Photographer

The Kingstons were great! We actually met for their session at the end of September, so please forgive my delay. I've been a slacker in posting! We had a great time though. As you can see, they have two very beautiful children! They are such a kind family and have such wonderful smiles! It was a ton of fun getting to hang out with this great family!